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The Casa Building Project is a huge blessing, made possible by dozens and dozens of people with a heart for transforming lives in the Naked City. Although we have some more fundraising to do, we are excited to be able to get started in making our building safer and more efficient for the work we do. The finished facility will have a purpose-built food pantry and kitchen area, relocated offices, more common area space for kids and community programs, and additional restrooms. Most of all, the plumbing and electrical will be safe and the building will be leak free!

Let’s get this one done “VEGAS STYLE”—-

Casa de Luz is a non-profit organization that serves the under privileged kids and families in “Naked City”. Many of these kids do not know of a life outside the Naked City and Casa de Luz works closely with the children to educate them on how to brighten their future.


– 306 sheets of 5/8” drywall

– 42 sheets of hardiboard

– 80 sheets of white FRP

– 10 buckets of FRP Glue

– 700 LF of black vinyl base cove

– 2000 LF of 12/2 MC wiring

– Doors get tricky with jamb sizes so we probably do not want donated doors left over from other jobsites but if anyone knows of a supplier willing to donate a few doors I would like to speak to them We will need 7 Left Hand and 4 Right Hand 3’0” x 6’8” solid wood doors with knockdown jambs.

– 10 door closers

– 4 push bar exit devices for 35” doors

– 6 interior passage locks, 8 interior privacy locks, 8 exterior keyed handles

– 160 sf of tile for bathroom walls

– 8 grab bars 48” in length

– 4 grab bars 18” in length

– 4 Bobrick toilet paper holders

– 4 Bobrick paper towel dispensers

– 6 foam soap dispensers

– 2 roll paper towel dispensers

– 50 gallons of Kilz 2 Latex Primer or equivalent

– We will need approximately 60 gallons of paint but I would prefer this comes from a supplier that can mix the colors we need and not be left over from various jobsites.

– We would like to spray a polyurethane roof membrane with an elastomeric coating over the entire roof. If anyone knows of a roofing contractor willing to deeply discount their services please direct them to me.

– 2 stainless steel hand sinks for the kitchen

– 10 metro shelves 24”x48”x96”

– 1 mop sink 24” x 24”

– 3 floor sinks

– 4 Stainless Steel Tables 24×72

– 3 Stainless Steel Tables 24×48

– 2 Stainless Steel Tables 24×60

– 2’ x 10’ solid surface countertop

– New Washer Dryer Set

– 3 Doug Fir 4”x10”x12’ Headers

– 10 Doug Fir 4”x6”x48” Headers

– 145 2x4x8’ studs

– 300 lf of 2×4 DF

– 150 lf of 2×4 Treated bottom plate

– 24 lf of 2×6 Treated bottom plate

– 25 2x6x96 studs

– 50 lf of 2x6x96” DF

Advocate/Educate/Build it!!



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Community Pantry


Individuals in need of food assistance can visit the SHARE Village Las Vegas Pantry  located at:

SHARE Village Las Vegas #2, 50 N 21st St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Pantry Hours:

Tuesday & Thursday

(Fruits, Veggies, Meats and Non-Perishables)


Supplies Limited.  All products are subject to availability.