SHARE May 2013 Humanitarian of the Month

Ms. Terrie D’Antonio

SHARE Humanitarian of the Month : May, 2013

Each month SHARE honors people in the community who give relentlessly and without hesitation to help others. Terrie exemplifies all that is good in humanity.

Terrie D’Antonio has led HELP of Southern Nevada since October 2004. In the first three months of her presidency, she was responsible for moving the Agency from a small building to two larger buildings that the Agency now owns. The budget has expanded from $3.6 million to $17 million and has a staff of 100 employees. Included in the growth of HELP was being the lead Agency for launching a partnership with Organizations United to Reach Educate Assist Chronic Homeless (O.U.T.R.E.A.C.H.). This is a collaborative partnership of six agencies that address and treat the chronically homeless and veterans. Terrie was a huge reason Nevada 2-1-1, an easy-to-remember free information and referral line that connects people to vital basic services for everyday needs and in times of crisis was launched, which maximizes services to Nevada residents. The acquisition of the Courtney Children’s Foundation, currently named Baby First Services, came in February 2009. Terrie also facilitated the acquisition of the Center for Independent Living in 2008, currently named the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center. HELP recently received funding to relocate the youth center to a new site and is looking to purchase a larger facility that will house up to 150 youth, ages 16-24.
Terrie comes from a background that has well prepared her to review and analyze organizational structures, organizational policies and procedures, funding development, developing effective programs utilizing volunteers and private contracting. In addition, she is well known throughout the municipalities and communities for being straight forward, reliable and knowledgeable. Her educational background (i.e., Community Builder Fellowship at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government) has also enhanced her community knowledge and assessment skills. She is widely known throughout the State for her genuine pulse on community concerns, as well as her extensive civic-minded support to Southern Nevada communities.
Ms. D’Antonio’s diverse and extensive knowledge and experience at all levels of management in government (federal, local, county and state) enable her to uniquely cut through much of the bureaucracy “red tape”, providing her the ability to rapidly move forward in assessing community and organizational changes. She has worked on several organizational “re-engineering” teams throughout her career. She has been responsible for developing policy and procedures for several organizations, including the Las Vegas Valley Water District, Las Vegas Housing Authority and divisions of the City of Las Vegas.
In 2000, Ms. D’Antonio completed a Fellowship with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, continuing her career in housing and social services. Before her Fellowship, she was Manager of the City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Development Division. In this position, she and her staff supported a multitude of community efforts, including community outreach and assessment, administering construction of the Mobilized Assistance/Shelter for the Homeless (M.A.S.H.) program, and organizing a Crisis Intervention Center (an effort that brought 39 social service agencies under one roof). Ms. D’Antonio was also Resident Initiatives Manager for the Las Vegas Housing Authority. Because she recognized that she had the compassion and ability to make positive community changes, develop strategic plans, and strong management experience, Ms. D’Antonio decided to take her expertise out into the communities as a small business owner.
Terrie’s dream of “HELP Street”, which she has worked tirelessly for, is a one stop social service campus that will dramatically improve and increase the access to critical services for individuals and families, and raise the public’s awareness of the important work being done to assist the most vulnerable in Southern Nevada is now a reality, as HELP recently purchased our two buildings.
As President and CEO of HELP of Southern Nevada, Terrie continues to strive daily to find new funding and new ways to help Southern Nevadans that are in need.

So here is to our good friend and friend to people in need, thank you Terrie D’Antonio-

SHARE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 by business executives dedicated to providing affordable housing for individuals in need. During its nearly 20 year history, the organization has served hundreds of families, seniors, veterans and those with physical challenges or terminal illnesses. Today, SHARE is actively involved with raising funds for various social causes including housing assistance as well as neighborhood support service programs. Its mission is simple – to build a better world. One life at a time. Federal ID# 94-3209791

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