SHARE November 2013 Humanitarian of the Month

Mr. Thomas Browne
SHARE Volunteer Humanitarian of the Month : November, 2013

Each month SHARE spotlights people in the community who give relentlessly and without hesitation to help others. We are so honored to have worked with Thomas for four years now and together we have coordinated thousands of volunteers helping people with special needs throughout Southern Nevada–

This is Thomas Browne, local unsung hero—

“To those who serve others in the limelight or the shadows; Do not underestimate the value of the tiniest stone in the sea of effort that you offer this day. You may never know what blessed shore line those ripples will wash up on”.
– Thomas Browne

Thomas leads the community project outreach for The Crossing, A Christian Church. Each year in celebration of their anniversary, he is tasked with organizing more than 1300 volunteers in a single day of services. Each year the hearts and hands of these people go to work for a single cause. They create massive change in such a short amount of time. The aesthetic change to a building is pale compared to the lives that are touched. In his own words “I am a true testament to how imperfect people get the call to lead and serve the cause of Christ”.

Tom organized the:
2010 Shannon West Help of Southern Nevada renovation and construction project
2011 Samaritan House Renovation and improvement
2012 Variety Early Learning Center pre construction demolition and renovation
2013 Freedom House Sober Living construction, remodel and renovation of building and grounds
2013 West Care Woman’s and Children’s Facility remodel renovation of building and landscape.

Though you will find him leading the groups of volunteers, don’t expect him to miss out on all the fun. You are just as likely to see him jump in and get his hands dirty along side any other volunteer that day.

Thomas graduated in Clark County at Indian Springs, where his father served in the United States Air Force. From those small town beginnings, Thomas learned what community was all about for him.

Thomas Browne is the grateful husband to an angelic, intellectual wife and the eager father to 3 brilliant and beautiful children.

A shortly after graduating from high school he started a research and data reporting company. Before his 21st birth day he had grown that business to 3 employees and sold it to a larger competing firm. That sale helped him get started in real estate development. He would also go on to start 4 other business by himself and become partners in 2 others. In his entrepreneurial career he has created hundreds of jobs for Las Vegans.

Thomas Browne’s latest endeavor is in the acquisition of the flailing businesses Construction Marketing Agency and it’s parent company Smash Web Marketing. These names, once an icon in the online world, had all but evaporated save a few websites and a couple loyal clients. He plans to relocate the base of operations to Las Vegas in early 2014 with the hope of reorganize the firm to rebuilding the company brand.

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