Arnold Stalk, Ph.D Releases New Book Ending Homelessness In America-A Blueprint For Success

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2023/ — Arnold Stalk, Ph.D., a renowned humanitarian and advocate for the homeless, has released a new book titled “Ending Homelessness In America-A Blueprint For Success”. This book is a compilation of his life’s mission to fight poverty, hunger and homelessness with nearly 50 years of research, experience and built projects.

In this book, Dr. Stalk outlines a history of proven strategies and personal experience in a practical guide to help end homelessness in America once and for all. He emphasizes that the only way to make an impact on this national disaster is through developing and building truly affordable housing through public-private partnerships between local, state, and federal sectors.

Dr. Stalk has dedicated himself to helping those experiencing homelessness since the early 1970s. He later co-founded the organization SHARE which provides affordable housing and food assistance as well as facilitating access to healthcare services, mental health services, job training and substance abuse education for those who are in need of support.

Since then, he has become one of the most prominent voices advocating for those experiencing homelessness and poverty in Southern Nevada and beyond. His work has been featured in multiple media outlets including The Washington Times, BBC News, NBC News New York, and more.

“I believe that we can end homelessness if we come together as a society,” Dr. Stalk said. “We must focus on solutions that will provide people with access to affordable housing and intensive wraparound supportive services that provide veterans, families and individuals the resources needed to lift themselves out of poverty.”

Ending Homelessness In America-A Blueprint for Success is now available online at and For more information about Ending Homelessness In America-A Blueprint for Success or Dr. Arnold Stalk’s work visit or .

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