A home for United States Veterans for under $10,000??

The future of emergency and transitional housing for our United States Veterans at Veterans Village, Las Vegas, Nevada. Business as usual is over allowing our U.S. Veterans to live homeless in the streets across the USA with our breakthrough in technology utilizing 100% recycled Ocean containers and off the shelf components to create affordable, well designed and efficient housing called Veterans Village Instant Built House.
Veterans Village Instant Built House, The future of affordable housing is on its way!
All walk, no more talk! We’re the ones that get it done!

A housing unit made from a standardized,Recycled ISO shipping container.  The recycled housing units can be rapidly transported anywhere in the country via railroad “piggy-back” trains, semi, or jumbo air cargo transports for immediate occupancy for affordable housing that provides stability and support for our homeless, displaced and disadvantaged United States Veterans to successfully transition back into civilian life.   Building materials for the prototype were funded by a grant received from the Home Depot Foundation who continues to support Veterans Village, Our United States Veterans an others in need across the country.

This fast construction, economically sound environmentally friendly options aims to create a comprehensive housing solution to meet the need for affordable housing that provides stability and support for our veterans to successfully transition back into civilian life. 

Sands Cares

Sands Cares Container Village

Veterans Village Container Housing Groundbreaking Ceremony

On February 26, Veterans Village broke ground at the site of their newest housing development for homeless veterans. Through Sands Cares, Las Vegas Sands’ corporate giving program, Veterans Village was given a “seed grant” to support the early stages and infrastructure of the shipping container neighborhood. With Las Vegas ranking as one of the top ten cities with the highest homeless populations in the country, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Las Vegas Sands is committed to providing relief and finding solutions to end homelessness in Las Vegas.

Arnold Stalk, PhD, founder of Veterans Village, plans to have 11 units fully transformed and furnished to house veterans. Just one container has been completed through the support of an anonymous donor, but Stalk is looking for more sponsors to fund the remaining homes.

“We are grateful to Sands Cares for their support towards the development of our Veterans Village/Sands Cares Container Park Village,” he said. “We look forward to providing housing that shows respect and dignity for our US Veteran heroes.”

Veterans Village’s mission is to create an environment for US veterans by providing a unique and innovative approach to holistic and comprehensive housing with support services including an emergency housing fund and food assistance. The homeless veteran population in Southern Nevada has made great strides in attaining assistance, currently considered as “functional zero,” a term used when a system is built of housing and services so robust that homelessness is rare, brief, and one-time, with enough resources to prevent it, immediately rehouse people, or when the system does well at keeping people housed. Stalk plans to begin with the 11 units, but hopes to be able to house a hundred more. In May, the 2018 National Hardware Show will host a tiny homes furniture workshop in support of Veterans Village.

“You look at the genius of the man, and what he’s done, and how he has held on for dear life to honor our veterans and choose Las Vegas to make the world take notice that our veterans are beloved,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said at the groundbreaking ceremony. “And certainly to the brilliance that he has had seen the use of what these can be.”

Ron Reese, senior vice president of Global Communications and Corporate Affairs at Las Vegas Sands, also reminded the community of the company’s commitment to veterans at the ceremony.

“Arnie [Stalk] referenced the donation, the seed money to get this started and for us, it’s not a donation—we make investments and we’re invested in something we care deeply about and we’ve had a long commitment to our veterans and our veterans here in Southern Nevada,” Reese said. “We plan on following up with our investment with time and labor and whatever else we can provide. We look forward to being part of this development for many years to come.”

Fogerty Container Home

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A special Veterans Day celebration at Veterans Village in Las Vegas included a rock 'n' roll legend.

A new type of home was revealed on Veterans Day and it's named after the icon, who has been a financial supporter of the Veterans Village. Creedence Clearwater Revival's Fogerty said he was paid for a Woodstock revival performance that never happened, so rather than keep that money, he decided to help homeless Las Vegas veterans.

"You know I went on to become a rock star, that's fine, but that's not an option for most people," Fogerty said, who is a US Navy and Vietnam veteran.

Ten new homes made out of shipping containers are set to open at Veterans Village and the first one that was revealed on Veterans Day is named for the music icon, called "The Proud Mary John Fogerty Container Home.” The goal is to start with these ten homes for homeless veterans but Arnold Stalk, founder and CEO of Veterans Village, said the model is extremely sustainable and could be used across the world as an affordable way to get people off the street.

"It’s all here, it’s all right under our nose so we need to start connecting the dots and stop complaining about the way things are and move into the future of how we can house people now," said Stalk.

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The international rock 'n' roll legend is known for his hit songs, but what you may not know is about his time served in the Army and his passion for helping veterans.