We believe that the only way to end homelessness is to work together with our community partners.  That’s why we rely on supporters like you to enrich our programs and provide positive support to our participants as they transition out of homelessness.

Interested in volunteering with SHARE Village Las Vegas?  Complete the Volunteer Registration Form below to get started. 

Groups & Individuals

• Clean-up Projects
• Interior Painting
• Mini Makeover Projects
• Pantry Distribution
• Donation Sorting
• Event Staffing
• Administrative

Skilled Labor

• Plumbing
• Electrical Work
• Roofing
• Exterior Painting
• Landscaping
• Construction
• Drywall Work
• Large makeover projects

Food Pantry Volunteer Registration Application

Thank you for you interest in volunteering with SHARE Village Las Vegas To get started complete this registration form.

To ensure the safety of our community and residents all volunteers applicants at SHARE Village Las Vegas are required to pass a background check

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Food Pantry Volunteer Registration

    Personal Information

  • Availability | Please indicate the days and times you are available.

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Volunteer Acknowledgement

  • As a volunteer, I acknowledge, understand and agree to the following: · A "volunteer" means a person who performs authorized voluntary service to SHARE Village Las Vegas, without pay, for the benefit of the organization and in aid of a recognized community purpose. A volunteer is not an employee and may be released at any time, without cause or reason, and without right of appeal. · I may not volunteer while my ability to perform my duties is impaired due to alcohol or drug use. I may not use or possess controlled substances at any time or use alcohol while on duty or on County property. If taking medication which may affect my performance of duties, I must report this to the volunteer coordinator/program manager before beginning my assignment. · I will not disclose at any time confidential information to which I have access during my assignment as a volunteer with SHARE Village Las Vegas. This information includes, but is not limited to, medical records or files, vital records, and statistics. I will also strictly protect the confidentiality of all SHARE Village Las Vegas employee/personnel information to which I have access. I am required by State and/or Federal law to maintain confidentiality and that failure to uphold this requirement may result in immediate release. · In the event of a volunteer assignment-related injury or illness, it is my responsibility to notify my volunteer assignment supervisor immediately. · Prior to driving my personal vehicle or a SHARE Village Las Vegas vehicle during volunteer assignment hours, I must contact my volunteer assignment supervisor for approval. I will need to complete the “Authorization to Drive” form and also provide a current DMV printout, my unexpired drivers' license and proof of automobile insurance. While driving my own personal vehicle my auto insurance shall be primary while in the course and scope of my assignment with the SHARE Village Las Vegas.